The opening ceremony will be held on June 2, 2017 at 7 pm at the Haeundae beach special stage.




The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

turn 6.2 (Fri) Start performing official invitation PM 7:30 [Special Stage at Haeundae Beach]
1 Opening, Ceremony PM 7:00
2 France.Korea Compagnie Karine Saporta and Busan National Gugak Center<Giselle 's Sorrow or the flower ceremony>
3 Italy. Ritmi Sotterranei <The man with the golden brain>
4 Korea. SEOP Dance Company <Dance Journey with Move O.S.T>
5 Germany. Limbic Shift <Chimera>
6 Taiwan. Natural Kind Inspiration Garden <Hallow stroke>
7 Israel. Nadine Bommer Dance Company(Nadine Animato) <Invisi’BALL>
8 Korea.Tatmaroo dance company <concert>

※ The order program may be changed.