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The 13th BIDF,
Falling in Love with Busan!
Falling in Love with Dance!

  • International Dance Festival '10, when our own party to end "<…

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    "International Dance Festival '10,

    When you finish the feast of our own "

    Vision Seminar organized by the governing board

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    - Escape, such as a one-time summer event
    - Dance scene, reflection problems botmul

    Busan International Dance Festival organized by the Steering Committee for the past 15 days, Busan Arts Center held at the Busan International Dance Festival '10, the vision and hyangbang 'seminar on the issue surfaced in the last nine years and a poignant reflection on how the future development suggestions exploded like botmul came out.

    Gimhaeseong Busan ​​Women's University The seminar conducted by a professor of social rampant numerous suggestions, but also for the core of the dancers' a feast of their own, "but citizens participate in the national interest and international cultural exchange of dance that can reap substantial effect festival was focused on that move on.
    Janggwangyeol International Performing Arts Project represents a "stunning beach scenery, outdoor stage, including the Pusan ​​International Dance Festival featuring the last nine years and was known to many foreign countries to the point I want to cite" and "systematically with the organization and running, if only for the Seoul International Dance Festival Fine Arts festival is not inferior to the international level is likely to develop, "he said. However, "The difficulty of outdoor performances tailored to the excavation work, the Secretariat of the Organization temporary operation, since the festival tucked exchanges with foreign countries, including the limits of dance were also pointed out that" while moving away from the simple one-time summer event in Busan, Busan International Film Festival and the differentiated international festival of arts degree in raising awareness of the requirements will be added to Busan.

    Professor Dong-jangjeongyun "Performance improvement of appreciation concentration, self-funding, the Secretariat of the Permanent giguhwa-based composition for enhancing the role of the steering committee, etc. also need a point," he said.

    Panelists choeeunhui Kyungsung spiral into teaching, yunyeosuk Busan Dance Association, vice sinradae jeongsinhye Professor seongeunji notice Busan, Busan International Dance Festival of Dance as Director to establish a clear identity, ensuring the continuity of operations chairman, invited works when selecting gongmoje improvement, increase participation of young dancers prepare plans, the governing board of the organization performing foreign exchange division academic mission, including real property and insisted that you need. Most importantly, these many voices in the 'practice' should not forget the fact that the dance scene was pointed out. For this dance scene from all walks of life, as well as the cooperation of unity that followed led awareness.
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